Score of an everyday activity

One of our tasks this week was to create a score of an everday activity. To do this I decided to choose an activity that is integral to my daily routine. I chose an action I do every day, because I felt this would be more appropriate in tracing my actions over the course of a given time. The activity I chose was feeding my horses, because, while I recognise that this may be hard for others to identify with as an everyday activity, it is something I do two to three times daily, and my routine is always exactly the same. My score is as follows:

To feed horses:

1.       Put on wellies and coat

2.       Take pre-soaked feed outside to shed and place it on the floor

3.        fetch two buckets from the gate and bring them back into the shed

4.       Place a scoop of hi-fi into each bucket

5.       Tip soaked feed into buckets and add joint supplement

6.       Carry buckets outside and place them over the fence for the horses.

7.       Go into stable and open a bale of hay. Separate a section and place it into wheelbarrow

8.       Push wheelbarrow into field and place hay into piles

9.       Leave field and replace wheelbarrow in stable

10.   Go back into house, remove coat and wellies at door.

An image that represents my score


About Abi Britton

Creative Events student from Kent.
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