Workshop Session 2

Workshop session 2 review:

In this week’s workshop session we had time for questions and answers regarding our blogs, before moving on to review the scores we had completed as an out of class excercise.

We then reviewed methods for filming and camera work, before breaking our scores into camera shots and drawing them as a storyboard, allowing us to visualise the scores as a short film.

Finally we formed groups that we would work in to create short video installations to be shown in class. each group was given a quick briefing on the recording equipment available and how to use it.

I then discussed with the members of my group which of our scores to use to make our film, and we arranged to make a larger A3 version of the storyboard to detail the shots we would use.

I felt we made stronger progress towards a fixed goal during this session, so from this aspect I found our second session more pleasing as it satisfied my urge to move forward to a definite project. I also felt optimistic about making a film installation and thought the group had good rapport and were able to discuss our ideas well. Overall I felt enthusiastic about the work achieved.

My storyboard, part 1

My storyboard, part 2


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Creative Events student from Kent.
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