Worshop Session 3

During this session we attended a lighting workshop, in which we learnt how to light a person or object in front of a projected image, without the light washing out the projection. This could be applied to our installation pieces and will undoubtedly be useful in the future.

We then discussed checked over the new storyboard we had created and finalised the shots we wanted before discussing the location of the filming and whereabouts on the dockyard we wanted to show our video installations and how we should present them. This was helpful, as everyone in the group had ideas to put forward, and we were able to combine and develop these ideas. Our final desicion to project the film onto the ceiling and have viewers watch from below slightly altered the way in which we decided to film the piece, mostly in terms of angle and perspective.

Once again I found this to be a helpful session. While most of the points in the lighting tutorial had been covered in previous modules, I found the review refreshing and afterwards I felt more confident with the theory and use of the equipment. The subsequent group discussions were productive and the group worked well together. At this point in the project I felt comfortable with the work and very able to visualise the way we wanted our finished installation to look, so this was a positive step for me.


About Abi Britton

Creative Events student from Kent.
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