Workshop sessions 4 & 5 – Filming and editing

We used our afternoon workshop sessions, and some out of class time to produce our short film for the installations. We shot the movie at a group member’s flat. This was mainly because the activity we had chosen to film was waking up in the morning and we needed somewhere with a bed. We could have made a prop bed in the galvanising shop, but felt it would be better to use a real bedroom as the backdrop and the lighting would look more realistic. The overall filming went well, and we were careful to shoot more than one take so that we could pick out our best shots later for editing. Generally, I was really happy with the group’s filming work, and felt that the only improvement that could have been made was to conisder a different level of lighting to brighten the shots a little.

We then had a short tutorial using imovie to learn how to edit our film. I found this process to be fairly slow, particularly as my personal preference is to edit using Windows Movie Maker. I also found the software very simple to use already, so I found it slightly tedious to be learning about it again, but I did appreciate that it is always useful to refresh your memory, and I also understood that other members of the class may need a more thorough introduction. I found communication within the group somewhat strained during this session. I felt that we each had different ideas about how to edit our movie and none of us were communicating them particularly well. However, I think this issue improved towards the end of the session, and once we had reached an agreement the editing process was much smoother and actually went by fairly quickly. I was pleased with the final edit. One or two of our cuts were slightly abrupt, but as a group we had needed to compromise, and overall I thnk we achieved an outcome that we were all pleased with.

imovie screenshot


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